1. The supplies function may take the form of goods coming from external sources into     the organization and dispatching them to the users in the organization.  It may also be        the activity of dispatching goods from the stores after relevant requisitions have been    made to the stores by the users and finally it also includes the dispatch of goods to       buyers outside the organization.
  2. What is involved in receiving goods from external  sources and their deliverance to internal users.
  3. Describe the dispatch documents used to dispatch goods to the following
  1. Internal users.
  2. Buyers of company  products.
  3. Planning and control of materials helps an organization to ensure that materials are      available when required  by the users and are of right type, right quality/price and right    quantity.  Describe problems that one may face when involved in planning and control         of materials.
  4. To get better results from suppliers, an organization  should think of developing its       suppliers.  What is involved in supplier development?

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