System Engineering Question

Hi can some one help me to solve these question from the attach book “SYSTEMS ENGINEERING PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE”. ( please see the attach book)

1.5 List four pros and cons (two of each) of incorporating some of the latest technology

into the development of a new complex system. Give a specific example of each.

1.8 Systems engineers have been described as being an advocate for the whole

system. Given this statement, which stakeholders should the systems engineer

advocate the most? Obviously, there are many stakeholders and the systems

engineer must be concerned with most, if not all, of them. Therefore, rank your

answer in priority order — which stakeholder is the most important to the

systems engineer; which is second; which is third?

2.3 Select a very large complex system of system example and explain how the

engineering systems approach could provide useful solutions that would have

wide acceptance across many communities.


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