Taif University Value of Understanding Cultural Ethics Discussion

Recovery is an essential part of disaster management. However, it is not well supported. I am an elected official that sees far more value in response assets than recovery needs. Change my mind on the need for recovery.

Q-1 What role does community and economic development play in recovery?


Please discuss the importance and value of understanding cultural ethics as they are related to international/humanitarian disasters. Similarly, discuss why we as responders must conduct ourselves, and distribute resources ethically.

Q-2 Why we as responders must conduct ourselves and distribute resources ethically.?


  • 1-Write as second language.
  • 2-Write 500 words for every question without counting the references.
  • 3-Use simple academic words.
  • 4-At least two references for every question and avoid .com and .net sources
  • 5-Include citation.
  • 6-Use APA format.

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