Ted talk analysis 2 | govt 2306 | Houston Community College

 After watching this ted talk, please answer the following questions:

Describe public policy that you would like to see being adapted in Texas.   (Explain what is the goal of your policy)

Explain how this public policy would match your interests. (In other word, explain how you would benefit from this public policy.)

To which political subculture your public policy belongs?

What level of government (local, state or federal) is responsible to create this policy?

Who do you think would oppose your policy and why? (what Party, what interest group/s))

Assignment Instruction

Answer all 5 questions.

Use full sentences without bullet points.

 Do not write the question.  Number your answers.

Your similarity score must not exceed 5%.

Check your grammar and do proof reading if necessary.

Submit your paper in PDF or MS word format.


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