the EHR, Speech Recognition, health and medicine homework help

Hello!! Can you please help me with this paper. I need this to be simple.

You will be interview an HIM Manager regarding the challenges faced by the manager related to the EHR, Speech Recognition, and the challenges of complying with HIPAA.

Prepare a script for calling HIM Director to request a face-to-face or phone interview. Prepare interview questions. Prepare a list of HIM Directors and facilities to call. Out of respect for the manager’s time, limit the interview to 10 questions and 20-30 minutes. The script, questions, and proposed contact Directors are due the end of Module 1. Submit this in a document attached below. This part of the assignment is worth 80 points.

Describe your interview in a 3 page paper. Add substance to your interview by researching at least 2 sources on these topic.

Refer to the Long Essay Rubric for the Grading Criteria for the essay portion of this assignment, attached below. APA references and citations

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