The elderly population fall victim to many crime that are particular to that group, discussion help

The elderly population fall victim to many crime that are particular to that group. Elderly persons are typical victims of burgalries, identity fraud and elderly abuse. Because of the portrayal of the elderly as being frail, and easily deceived, they have become prime targets of crime. Many elderly live alone and may suffer from loneliness, making them targets from phone frauds, and other types of fraud. “New con games and access to personal information through the Internet offer criminals more ways to scam the elderly” (Collective & Jones 2009). The likelihood of the elderly reporting a crime may be low, due to the elderly persons who suffer from memory loss, and the inability to fight back their attackers. “Differing rules and limitations may greatly affect the types of investigations that are carried out and the legal propriety of reporting findings to law enforcement” (Davis 2013). However there are organizations and states that have adopted new ways of dealing with the elderly and the criminal justice system. “Jurisidications have recognized the value of specialized law enforcement and prosecution units to handle elder abuse victims and their cases” (Davis 2013)


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