​The fiscal impact of IMHC Research paper.

The fiscal impact of IMHC

Find the answers to the following:

Research Healthcare reimbursement rates through CMS for Community Paramedicine/ IMHC/ MIHC:

1.What are they? Provide sample data

2.What is their reimbursement rate basis?

Research Legislation for IMHC.

1. How many states have a program?

2. How many programs are Statewide?

3. How many are 3rd Service?

4. How many are run by insurance companies?

5. How does the legislation differ or remain the same from state to state… discuss.

Then, take this information and discuss whether there is financial support for the implementation of IMHC systems in the United States. Is the reimbursement rate enough to cover the provision of care? Would you, as a manager, support the performance of IMHC care by a pre-hospital EMS system?

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