The needs of men with prostate cancer, health & medical homework help

Eval Quant Research: DUE 7/18 BY 11:59 PM

This professional paper should be written double space, using Arial or New Times Roman, 12 font, using APA 6th edition guidelines, including title page, 1 inch margins all the way around, page number in right upper corner, running head, and headings. Please see grading rubric for point distribution.

You may use your textbook, to be sure to cite chapters using APA 6th edition guidelines.

Answer the following questions using the above guidelines about the following article: Wallace, M., & Storms, S. (2007). The needs of men with prostate cancer: Results of a focus group study. Applied Nursing Research, 20, 18-187. (also attached is a Word document for ease of printing)

1. Describe where in the hierarchy of strongest/best evidence this article falls; back up your claim with evidence from the article or your text book.

2. What was the theoretical model or conceptual framework that guided the research?

3. Are primary sources cited in the review? What are they?

4. How many of the references were current within 10 years before Wallance & Storm article was published? What were the articles?

5. Wallace and Storm critically appraised the studies they cited. What did they cite as weaknesses?

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