The role of health care professionals in patient advocacy

Please read attachement , and do APA style,

After reading

It is likely that each of you has had to ‘step up’ to advocate for a patient, a policy, or even a colleague.

This week, reflect on the content covered throughout this course and apply it to a situation in

which you’ve experienced the role of advocate. Schwartz (2012) discusses two tensions of advocacy.

This week, I would like you to discuss a scenario wherein you’ve experienced one of these two tensions

as a patient’s advocate. Please ensure to properly cite, reference, and relate material presented

throughout the course as you share your experience. As always, please ensure to protect patient and

colleague privacy. Your paper should be approximately 300-400 words.

AARC Statement of Advocacy

Schwartz, L. (2012). Is there an advocate in the house? The role of health care professionals in patient advocacy. Journal of Medical Ethics, 28, 37-40 Located at the top of this page PDF

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