These are statistics questions, I hope I have it in the right place. ÿ Please help! ÿ 1. What condition(s) must exist for the…

These are statistics questions, I hope I have it in the right place.Please help!1. What condition(s) must exist for the Central Limit Theorem to be valid? List all that apply.ÿ?n is tolerably high. By most accounts, n > 302. When can any one or more of a population?s parameters be known exactly without consulting a sampling distribution or performing a census of the whole population?ÿ__________________________________________________________ (5 pts)ÿ3. What population distribution shape will NOT give a normal sampling distribution if the sample n is above 30?ÿ___________ (5 pts)ÿA number of students completed a questionnaire about eating disorders, from which a ?Fear of Negative Evaluations?(FNE) was produced. The higher the score, the greater the fear of negative evaluation. Suppose the FNEs of the population of bulimic students have a distribution with mean = 18 and standard deviation of 5. Consider a random sample of 45 students with bulimia.ÿ4.What is the probability that the sample mean FNE score is greater than 17.5?ÿ___________ (5 pts)ÿ5.A distribution of survival data for the reliability of electronics has a unique shape. What is it? ÿ______________________ (5 pts)ÿ6. Consider the following conditional probability tree. What is P(A ? B)?ÿ7. If the mean of a sampling distribution is 22.75, and with a standard error of the mean of 5, what is the mean of the original, sampled, population? ÿ___________ (5 pts)ÿ8.A given population has a standard deviation of 10. In a sampling distribution of n = 36, what is the standard error of the mean? ÿ___________ (5 pts)ÿ9.Given a confidence level of 95%, calculate the confidence coefficient.ÿ___________ (5 pts)ÿ10.What happens to the standard error of the mean as n increases?ÿ___________ (5 pts)ÿ11. A manufacturer wants to know how big a sample to take from a lot of stamped parts, to estimate the population mean to within .5 sampling error with 90% confidence. Previous studies of this machine indicate that the standard deviation of lengths produced is about 2 mm. ÿ___________ (10 pts)ÿ12. A survey was given to 10 randomly selected football fans, asking how much they thought the average football fan spent on food at a football game. The results show that the sample mean and standard deviation were $52.00 and $17.50, respectively. Create a 95% confidence interval for æ.ÿ___________ (10 pts)ÿ13. The US Postal Service was evaluated to determine the percentage of mail delivered on time. In a sample of 332,000 mailed items, it was determined that 282,200 items were delivered on time. From this information, determine with 99% confidence the true percentage of items delivered on time. ÿ___________ (10 pts)ÿ14. When making golf tees, a manufacturer tries to maintain a weight of .251 ounces per tee. To check whether a molding machine is consistent, 40 tees were randomly sampled from a production run and their weights were calculated into the following statistical printout:ÿVariable N Mean SDÿWeight 40 .2525 .002303ÿConstruct a 99% confidence interval for æ.ÿ___________ (10 pts)ÿ15. The FDA publishes the amount of nicotine in commercially available cigarettes. The mean value of all cigarettes in a given year is 22.5 milligrams, with a standard deviation of 2.5 milligrams. A new cigarette is coming on the market, with a mean from a sample of 9 (n = 9) of 26.4 milligrams, and a standard deviation of 2.0 milligrams. Construct a 90% confidence interval for æ for the new cigarette.

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