this is short answer

i use this book Physics and Technology for Future Presidents by Richard A. Muller

each question make it just one paragraph or shorter

In your own words, why do people with an injured hip limp by leaning to the side of the injury when they step on their “bad” leg?

If you back up against a wall and then lean over pick something off the floor, you tend to fall forward. Why? Use your own wording, but words from the chapter like center of gravity, stability, and base of support should probably show up somewhere in your answer.

Look at the picture of a person bending over on page 44 of the reading. Is it easier or harder on the back muscle to have your arms dangle as you bend over (as in the picture), or to keep your arm by your sides, with hands back hear the hips? Why? Use your own wording, but words like torque, lever arm, and distance from the pivot should show up in your answer (used correctly in a sentence).

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