Unit 5 Decision Making&Motivating for Appropriate Behavior

please on cite from documents attached1-2 pagesPart 1Create a flow chart of the decision-making process using one of the processes identified in the Rainey text or some other version that you have discovered through your own literature research. Post your flow chart to the discussion.Use your flow chart to analyze a process that you have recently implemented or have observed as it was implemented in a public agency. Was it an effective implementation? What made it effective? If not, where in the decision-making process did the effectiveness break down?1-2 pagesPart 2Click on View Situations to see 3 vignettes that illustrate motivational opportunities. What action would you take if you were involved in these situations?Drawing on the case study vignettes in the Unit 5 studies and the motivation theory presented in Rainey, Chapter 9, describe likely motivating factors for the subordinates’ behavior in each situation.What incentives can the administrator use in each instance to assist the subordinate in refocusing their efforts toward contributing to the organization and management team in a constructive fashion? Offer practical suggestions as part of this analysis.

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