Unit 5 policy, health and medicine homework help

Development Your agency has recently decided to implement electronic patient care reporting. You are developing policies and procedures as well as staff training on how to use the system correctly, including how to protect patient privacy with this new technology. Use resources developed for your own agency or refer to requirements for HIPAA compliance for EMS that you have researched.  Your policy should include: o transmission of patient care reports to facilities, o copies requested by patients, and o copies requested by non-patients (e.g., family members).  Prior to releasing patient information, your policy should include: o types of identification required by the requesting party, o forms of consent that should be obtained, o types of information that can be released, and o how that information will be transferred to the requesting party. Your paper should be at least one page in length using APA (6th Ed.) formatting for all in-text and reference citations. References should be cited on a separate page.

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