Week 1: Journal Assignment

Week 1 Journal Guidelines and Rubric

Updated 01/2019


To provide updates on your Course Project progress and receive individualized feedback from your instructor.

Course Outcomes

The journals enable the student to meet the following Course Outcomes (COs):

  • CO1: Identify the role of the BSN nurse in the quality improvement process as a member of the collaborative interprofessional team. (POs 2 and 7)
  • CO2: Discuss effective processes and strategies to improve quality in nursing. (POs 2 and 8)

Requirements and Guidelines

  • You will submit one journal entry (due Wednesday of Week 1 by 11:59 p.m. MT) to help you think through Milestone 1 and your topic.
  • Download the required Week 1 Journal Template (Links to an external site.).
  • Save it to your computer in Microsoft Word 2013 (or later) as a .docx file with the file name: Your Last Name NR392 W1 Journal.docx.
  • Carefully review the grading rubric criteria for Week 1 Journal and type directly in your saved Week 1 Journal Template.
  • Your instructor will provide a score and feedback by Friday of Week 1 by 11:59 p.m. MT. You must read that feedback, and use it to produce a great Milestone 1.
  • Instructions for the Week 1 Journal:
    • Select a nursing care issue for the Course Project (not workforce issues such as staffing) that could be impacted by improved quality.
    • Identify the issue, state the desired outcome, and ask at least one question of your instructor that could help you do your best on Milestone 1.
    • Return to the Grades area to read the instructor’s response Saturday or Sunday of Week 1 prior to submitting your Milestone 1.

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