Westhill High School High cholesterol Research Paper

My topic is cholesterol

I need the following listed into the essay needs to be 4 pages

Cannot have any plagiarism this is going to be turned in on turnitin.com, so no copy and pasting from other websites it will be caught on turnitin.com

4. General overview of the disease

5. History

6. What part of the body does it affect?

7. How does the disease affect the body?

8. Forms or types of the disease

9. Causes

10. How is the disease transmitted?

11. Incidence – How many people does this disease affect?

12. Does it affect a certain age group?

13. Does it affect a certain ethnic group?

14. What is the Mortality Rate?

15. Signs and Symptoms

16. Diagnosis – How is it diagnosed?

17. What tests do the doctors run to determine whether a person has the disease?

18. Treatment – How is it treated?

19. What health care professionals are often involved in the care of this patient?

20. What are the treatment options?

21. Is there a cure?

22. Prevention -Are there any ways to prevent this disease?

23. Add any additional information that is useful and informative.

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