What is Life

The question “What is Life?” sounds like the premise of some bad late night soul-searching movie, but it is the basis upon which astrobiologists must search for life forms in the universe. Before you can start looking, you have to know what you might be looking for. It is also a difficult question to answer

For the Session Three assignment, you are to discuss three types of extreme environments where life forms have been discovered on Earth. For each extreme environment, discuss:

A.What makes this environment extreme? Why would most lifeforms find it hard to survive there? (about 100-200 words for each environment)

B. What type of lifeform does exist in this extreme environment? How does it survive? (about 100-200 words for each environment)

C. Where might this lifeform be found on other planets or moons? Give examples in our solar system. (about 100-200 words for each environment)

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