Where Do You Live? Health Disparities Across the United States—Case for Chapter

Highly variable health care and patient outcomes occur in different regions of the U.S. According to a report from the American Cancer Society, deaths from colon cancer have declined in all but three regions of the country: eastern Virginia/North Carolina, lower Mississippi delta, and west-central Appalachia. The U.S. colon cancer death rate has declined by half over the past decades, partly due to screening, but there are large differences between states (Preidt, 2015a). Another study showed that 36% of counties in the U.S. are more than 50 miles from the nearest doctor specializing in ovarian, uterine, and cervical cancers, putting many women at a disadvantage for quality care and positive outcomes (Preidt, 2015b). Lastly, kidney dialysis rates in the U.S. are higher in poor neighborhoods (Preidt, 2015c). Possible reasons for these differences include less access to care, greater exposure to environmental toxins, and lifestyle habits.


1. What can or should be done when populations are disproportionately unhealthy or at higher risk for certain health conditions?

2. You are a health educator working for the state Department of Public Health. How do you prioritize on what health conditions or concerns your Department focuses?

3. What data sources will you rely on?

4. How do you help hospitals in the geographic region address these health disparities?


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Preidt, R. (2015c, June 24). U.S. dialysis patients increasingly live in poor areas: One-third with kidney failure come from low-income neighborhoods, study finds. HealthDay. Retrieved from http://consumer.healthday.com/diseases-and-conditions-information-37/misc-kidney-problem-news-432/dialysis-patients-in-u-s-increasingly-live-in-poor-areas-700497.html

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