Who is AHIMA’s current CEO & Board President


AHIMA Scavenger Hunt Assignment is to familiarize students about the premier association for health informatics and information management professionals, known as the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Explore AHIMA’s website (www.ahima.org) in order to locate the answers for the following questions listed below.

1. List the name changes that the association has undergone. In what year did the association change to what is today: the American Health Information Management Association?

2. Who is AHIMA’s current CEO & Board President?

3. List the current AHIMA credentials available.

4. When was AHIMA founded?

5. Identify the various membership categories. List at least 4 benefits of becoming a student member of AHIMA. What is the membership fee for students? Is this an annual or one-time fee?

6. What are AHIMA’s core values?

7. What resources does AHIMA offers to for prospective students, current students enrolled in an accredited program (hint: career planning purposes, professional development) and volunteerism?


After the completion of the AHIMA Scavenger Hunt Assignment, in a minimum of 500 words, share your thoughts on AHIMA. What did you find interesting during the completion of the scavenger hunt? Discuss the importance of joining professional associations and the opportunities that presents itself as a member. Are you a member of AHIMA? If not, are you planning to join AHIMA?

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