Why did you choose your field of engineering? , writing homework help

Please answer following questions with respect to Electrical Engineering. 1 page for each question, so please give me back 3 pages work.

1) Why did you choose your field of engineering? What do you hope to accomplish? (1 page limit)

2) Is graduate school an attractive option for you? If you are undecided, what would help you decide? If you don’t think it’s for you, what might increase the chances of you getting an advanced degree? (1 page limit)

3) If you know an older engineer, perhaps retired now, or perhaps one of the more senior professors in your department, ask them what their starting salary was, and what the year was. Don’t laugh until after you leave the room. Then figure out the value of that salary in present-day (2010) dollars (use the conversion shown in class for 2010). Did society value engineers differently in the past than now? (1 page limit)

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