Wk 4 discussion – how do you manage a team’s resources?


The ability to form a team, communicate in a team, and resolve conflicts in a team are all valuable skills for anyone in the modern workplace. However, having these skills alone does not automatically ensure team success. Having a mission focus and fostering collaboration are critical components to team effectiveness. Managing team resources will be the focus of our discussion this week.

For this week’s discussion, consider the learning activities you’ve completed and your own experience within a team.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

  • What are the most valuable resources within a team?
  • Who do you feel should be responsible for determining how team resources are used?
  • How can changes to the availability of resources affect team dynamics?
  • What are the most important project management and planning skills needed to keep a team on track toward its goals? How would you rate your level of proficiency with these skills?

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