Workplace Barriers of Communication 8-10 pages APA format paper

For this assignment, you will apply the lessons learned from one of your readings to a real-world communications issue. The problem could be one you have experienced or one you are familiar with. Your paper should:•Describe the problem-Workplace Barriers of Communication•Summarize the communications text/reading / sourceInterpersonal Communication Skills in the Workplace (Vol. 2nd ed).•Explain how the essential communications informs the problem either explaining why it happened or how it can be improved. You may even combine it with other readings and even argue for your own methodology citing ample evidence.•You may most certainly bring in other communication theories you have explored or come across.•Your paper should be between APA format, 8-10 pages long with a 12-point font. I prioritize quality over quantity so write a paper you are proud of. A paper that meets the page requirements but full of superfluous comments or a series of “cut and paste” arguments is not a paper expected of a doctoral candidate. Use at least 10 academic cited sources.

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