Writing a 1 page abstract summarizing an article (attached below)

Your assignment is to prepare a 1-page abstract of a feature article in your assigned issue of Civil Engineering Magazine.
• An abstract is a summary of key information in the article.
• The abstract must summarize the information in your own words.
• This assignment must be completed using Microsoft Word.
• Submit both your Microsoft Word document and a pdf of your article via Blackboard.
• An example abstract has been provided to serve as a guide for you.
• Please use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling throughout your document.
• Additional points will be deducted for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.
The abstract must follow these formatting guidelines:
• Margins – one inch on all sides
• Font – Times New Roman 12 pt unless otherwise noted –
• Abstract heading (the word “Abstract” – without quotes – bold, flush left (begin 1 ½ line spacing)) • Body of abstract – 1 ½ spaced – Indent each paragraph – Full justify all body text.

PS: I have attached:
• A sample example of an abstract
• A pdf of the article that needs to be summarized

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