Your Own Nutrition Assessment

Introduction – Analyzing what you have eaten can give you a better idea of what changes you can make to have a healthier diet and lifestyle. This assignment is very fun and eye opening. It can help you understand if you are in need of a lifestyle change or reassure you that you are already leading a healthy lifestyle.

To make this project easier to manage, I have divided into four separate sections with four different rubric scales. You will follow instructions commonly given to clients in a clinical or research setting, except that these settings would ask for dietary information for 3 or 7 days instead of the 1-day we will use. Using a 1-day analysis does not usually represent an individual’s typical nutrient intake over time. It is better to look at multiple days because one day you may eat more of one food group and less of another and then the next day, you may do the opposite. You may get all the nutrients you need over several days. Then, using tools developed for consumers, you will conduct your own dietary analysis. Once you have feedback from the analysis, you will interpret your findings and decide what kinds of changes you can make to improve your own diet.

Section 1: 24-hour diet recall/food record (What did I eat?)

Section 2: Compiling Data and Analysis (How do I analyze all this information?)

Section 3: Reflection using RDA Guidelines (Are there any dietary lifestyle changes I need to make?)

Later, you may wish to repeat this exercise using multiple days to get a better idea of your dietary intake or you may wish to consult a dietitian who will work with your specific needs.

Goals of Assignment

·  To use a data table to accurately record the foods you eat.

·  To input data accurately into a computer program for analysis.

·  To analyze your food record using several different analysis tools on the computer program.

·  To determine if there are any changes you can make to improve your own diet

Please, find the full description of the assignment on these links:
Your Own Nutrition Assessment.docx,

Your Own Nutrition Assessment.pdf

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